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Disciplinary Proceedings at North Carolina State University

A student at North Carolina State University (NC State) (NCSU) who is accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct (the Code) may be required to attend certain hearings or sign special forms. Depending on the nature of the alleged offender, a student can face the risk of severe academic sanctions that may include suspension or possibly even expulsion.

Disciplinary measures by the university can compound the stress that is already felt by alleged offenders who may also be dealing with criminal charges. Students in these situations need to have a full understanding of their rights in order to ensure that they do not accept punishments that may have extremely damaging consequences later on.

Raleigh Lawyer for NC State Disciplinary Hearings

If you are a student who has been accused of some kind of violation of the Code at NC State, it is in your best interest to immediately seek legal representation. Coolidge Law Firm fights to get the best possible outcomes for students facing academic and non-academic misconduct allegations.  Do not discuss your case with student conduct without first speaking with an attorney. 

Our Raleigh student defense attorneys defend clients in criminal courts as well as disciplinary hearings. You can receive a complete review of your case by calling (919) 239-8448 to take advantage of a free, confidential consultation.

Information Center for NC State Student Disciplinary Hearings

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When NC State Students Are Informed of Misconduct Allegations

Notification procedures for students accused of Code violations depend on whether the case involves an academic or non-academic violation.

In most cases involving alleged academic dishonesty, professors involved in the specific courses will inform students of the allegations. The faculty member will then present the student with a form called the Report of an Academic Integrity Violation (RAIV) that typically lists any sanctions recommended by the professor.

The student will then have two options:

Students accused of non-academic misconduct are typically requested to meet with the Office of Student Conduct. During these meetings, students are made aware of the specific allegations and have the opportunity to provide additional information for the case files.  Student should consider talking with an attorney prior to any meeting at student conduct. 

If the alleged misconduct is considered a minor violation, then the issues are generally resolved through informal, non-adversarial meetings with the Office of Student Conduct known as Disciplinary Conferences. Serious violations involve the same options that students have when meeting with advisors from the Office of Student Conduct for alleged academic misconduct: the choice of either an Administrative Hearing or a Conduct Board Hearing, or accepting recommended sanctions provided by Hearing Advisors in Mutual Agreements.

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Types of NC State Conduct Processes

NC State has several hearing types that the university uses to resolve issues of alleged academic or non-academic misconduct. Students should acquaint themselves with the different types of hearings and how the outcomes of these hearings could affect their academic career..

In addition the RAIV form previously mentioned, additional procedures at NC State include:

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NC State Student Rights

Section 3 of NC State’s Student Discipline Procedures provides students with certain rights when they have been accused of violating the Code. A student’s basic rights include:

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Resources for NC State Student Disciplinary Hearings

Student Discipline Procedures | NC State University Office of Student Conduct — You can learn more about what occurs when a student has been accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct. The website contains links to additional information under two sections related to alleged academic and non-academic misconduct.

Office of Student Conduct
300 Clark Hall
Campus Box 7321
Raleigh, NC 27695
(919) 515-2963

House Bill 74 | General Assembly of North Carolina 2013 Session — Section 6 of this bill signed into law on August 23, 2013 gave college students in North Carolina facing disciplinary hearings the right to have legal representation for such hearings. You can read the full text of legislation, which also affords certain protections for certain groups and student organizations.

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Find a Lawyer for NC State Disciplinary Hearings in Raleigh

Have you been accused of violating the North Carolina State University Code of Student Conduct? In most cases, you have the right to be represented by a student defense attorney who can fight to get you the most favorable outcome.

Even with Conduct Board Hearings in which legal representation is prohibited, Coolidge Law Firm can help you prepare for your hearing and present the best possible case. We also aggressively defend clients against criminal charges in traditional courtrooms.

You can have our Raleigh criminal defense attorneys provide an honest and through evaluation of your case as soon as you call (919) 239-8448 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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